Artist Interview with Wendy Ackrell

Hello friends, today's interview is with visual artist and master wordsmith Wendy Ackrell. Pretty please, with sugar on top, read all the way to the end. You'll be glad you did!

Where in the world are you located? What is it like being an artist there?

Ever since I visited San Francisco as a child, I dreamt of moving here one day and, after graduating from college, I did just that. It was a fantasyland to me even then, with its vertiginous hills scattered with twinkling lights in the deepening dark....

Artist Interview with Noëlle Nadeau Khoo

    Hello! Today's artist interview is with my wise and warm-hearted friend Noëlle Nadeau Khoo. I have long admired Noëlle's art and her playful aproach to creating. I hope you will, too. Enjoy!

    Where in the world are you located? What is it like being an artist there?

    I live in the beautiful Interior of British Columbia, Canada. The Okanagan is the wine and fruit basket of BC.  Glorious Okanagan Lake is 135 Km Long and 5 Km wide.  It is shouldered by rolling hills and expansive vistas.  My home studio...

    Artist Interview with Ciara Barsotti

    Hey there! Today I'd like to introduce you to my new friend, Ciara Barsotti. Ciara is a painter with an unmistakable style: Sci-Fi meets Southwest. I love her work and I hope you do, too! Enjoy:

    Where in the world are you located? What is it like being an artist there?

    I just moved to Williamsburg, Virginia from Santa Cruz, California a few months ago, and I’m also adjusting to working from home, so it’s hard to comment on it yet! Santa Cruz was oversaturated with artists, and it was a...

    Holiday Gifts

    Hi friends! The holidays are quickly approaching and to help you with your holiday gift-giving, I'm offering a special sale:) Between now and November, 26th receive 25% off all orders of  $25 or more with the code holidaygiftgiving.

    Here's one of my newest products: the Batik Toc Coffee Mug. The batik inspired print is reminiscent of snowflakes against a luscious cerulean blue backdrop. Coffee mugs are a great gift idea for co-workers, teachers or as part of a gift basket for foodie friends. 

    Also, giving back is really important to me! That's why...

    Meet Amy Kuretsky

    Hi there! I'd like to introduce you to my friend Amy Kuretsky. Amy is a multi-faceted healer, wellness coach and my personal go-to resource for all things self-care! Enjoy:

    Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

      Thanks for inviting me here! My name is Amy and I’m an acupuncturist, herbalist, breathwork healer, and wellness coach for mind, body, and business. I actually have two separate businesses: one is an acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic I co-own in...