Resources for Artists #5

Artist Resources #5

It's been a while since I've posted a resource roundup, so there's a lot to share! I hope you enjoy it: 


Hiring a VA can be a lifesaver! Here are a couple of places you can check out if you need help with your workload.

Creative Productivity

Why is it that bringing our best, most important creative work into the world can feel like pulling teeth? WTF?! Thank goodness for Tiffany Han. She gets it! If you're struggling with this conundrum, I highly recommend her 3 part podcast series all about creative productivity.


Take control of how you’re being tracked on the internet with Facebook Container Extension.



Megan Auman of Designing an MBA wrote a great blog post recently called "Does your business suffer from too much marketing and not enough selling?". She's spot on! Megan also started a new membership site to help artists and makers with this exact problem. Check out Artists & Profit Makers.



Phew! I've been meaning to share these sooner, but better late than never:)

Do you have any helpful resources to share? I'd love to hear; please add them to the comments below!

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