Odd Duck Press is Back!

Where to begin? A lot has happened. I've been on the down-low for about a year and a half due to some pretty intense family stuff, which forced me to slow down and take stock of a lot of things. I've re-launched Odd Duck Press with focus on fine art and home decor. Since I'm just getting back to work after a really long break, I thought I'd share some of the resources that helped me get back into the groove.

Finding Balance and Connection

Being a solo business owner, mama and wife is tough; feeling pulled in a hundred directions at once. By practicing mindfulness, I've been able to spend more time in the moment rather than obsessing over all of the things not getting done, which has really improved my quality of life.

As a loner (and kind of a contrarian) by nature, the notion of finding a professional network that I really click with always struck me as pretty far-fetched. I was wrong! Just a few months before my re-launch, I discovered the Being Boss Clubhouse and it's been a huge help. Having a network of like-minded, super knowledgeable, wildly creative go-getters is indispensable. 

Reconnecting With the Joy of the Creative Process

Shifting my focus to fine art and surface design has been a real game changer. A couple of books that helped to inspire that shift were Big Magic and The Desire Map. I'm picking up where I left off on a big project that's been waiting patiently for about a decade. Yikes! How does that kind of thing even happen? It's a bit surreal. Here's a peek at the work in progress. The final piece will be 50 8"x8" panels.

How do you find balance and connection in your busy life? Are you working on any projects that light you up? I'd love to hear; please share in the comments:)

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